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Addiction Treatment Programs


Eva's Village provides Residential Treatment for men, women and women with children.  There are 103 beds available for men, 36 beds for women and 24 for women with children.  Staffed by certified alcohol and drug counselors, Eva's Village offers a three-phase program for up to 12 months. Services include comprehensive assessment, group and individual counseling, intensive education about addiction, job training, family support, and on-site 12-step programs. After the initial orientation phase, all participants must be employed and establish savings accounts. The treatment supports the transition from addiction to a life of dignity and independence.



Outpatient Program

Eva's Outpatient Program offers counseling, group therapy, education, and aftercare based on the American Society of Addiction Medicine criteria, and a full range of psychosocial services. Afternoon and evening slots are available for up to 180 clients.


The Recovery Center at Eva's Village is the first PEER DRIVEN Recovery Center (RC) in the State of New Jersey. The RC aims to be the bridge to recovery by providing an accessible environment that promotes recovery and wellness. At the RC, addicts and alcoholics achieve wellness through peer support, peer and professional education, positive peer role models and service. To learn more, and to view scheduled services at the RC, click HERE.


Over 70,000 New Jersey residents were admitted to a treatment program. In comparison to other state agencies, we consistently outperform the state average in the percentage of clients successfully completing treatment plans.


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