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Evas Village, Hope Residence, Helping Homeless Mothers & Children - Shelter for Mothers and ChildrenEva's Village Hope Residence for Homeless Mothers and Children at 25 Jackson Street reinvents the concept of the homeless shelter for mothers and children in New Jersey.


Homeless mothers and their children need far more than just shelter & charity. These mothers are often victims of abuse, by a spouse or partner or they are fighting substance abuse. All are struggling against poverty. In addition to needing stable & safe shelter, to transition successfully out of homelessness and poverty, homeless mothers and their children need a wide range of support services to address their mental and physical health. The mothers often need addiction treatment, psychological counseling, job training, childcare and eventual job placement help.


Evas Village, Hope Residence, Helping Homeless Mothers And Children - Safe & Stable Shelter for Mothers and ChildrenBeing homeless is perhaps hardest on the children. They, even more than the mothers, need to feel safe and secure, so that they can concentrate in school, and they need exercise, recreation and playtime. Eva's Village is committed to helping children in need.


In short, homeless mothers and children need everything you and I take for granted, and they need it everyday.


Eva's Village Hope Residence helps homeless mothers and children in need by providing therapeutic support services with the goal of improving their emotional and behavioral well being. This helps the mother’s progression towards increased financial stability.



At Eva's Village we attempt to provide a continuum of care that encompasses many programs. Women staying at the Hope Residence have access to the following programs.


  • Primary Medical and Dental Care Clinic, handling more than 3,000 patient visits a year for medical and dental services to the homeless and working poor, largely provided through the generosity of volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and dentists.
  • Outpatient Treatment, offers counseling, group therapy, education, and aftercare based on the American Society of Addiction Medicine criteria, plus a full range of psychosocial services.
  • Job Readiness Training, clients receive an assessment, training, and job placement services designed to move them from poverty to self-sufficiency.
  •  Partners in Parenting, an evidenced based program with workshops that focus on concepts important for parenting effectiveness. Emphasis is on building skills and providing support. This program is implemented by a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and staff.

Children of our clients receive the following services:

  • Day Care via referral to one of the outside agencies we have Memorandums of Agreement with.
  • The After-School Program - daily homework monitoring, remedial tutoring, computer applications, and educational and cultural enrichment in field trips, and social value and recreational activities are provided. This program is supervised by two part-time after-school tutors and supplemented by an active group of volunteers, many of whom are teachers. During the summer months the after-school tutors run a more extensive summer program for all children in the residence who are not in an organized summer camp program. This summer program has daily activities, including arts and crafts, reading programs and playground time, as well as day trips to places like: the Bronx Zoo, The Museum of Natural History, the Jersey shore and Dorney Park, to name a few.
  • "Feelings Group", a weekly anger and stress management group session focusing on healthy and appropriate social skills.
  • "Quality Time", a bi-weekly special set-aside time for mothers and children to share a variety of special activities together.
  • Individual and group time with the play/child therapist.
  • Referrals and therapeutic interventions for client's children to address developmental needs and issues of sexual and physical abuse, and neglect.


They learn to demonstrate appropriate techniques of anger management and socialization, to set proper boundaries and to verbalize effective ways of communicating with adults and their peers about painful issues. For homeless children and children from addictive families, who are arguably the most vulnerable segment of those from disadvantaged backgrounds, the chance to live, study, and play in a safe environment that fosters educational success greatly increases their chances of breaking the cycle of poverty.


How We Helped One Homeless Mother & Her Children

The Path To Recovery


Jessica was living on the streets after losing custody of her children and having exhausted every possible resource. “People I met on the streets told me I could get a hot meal at Eva’s Kitchen. That lunch ended up changing my life.”


After coming to Eva’s Kitchen for about a week, Jessica learned about our women’s shelter. “Living on the streets was becoming very dangerous and living in fear every day was wearing me out, but once I was in the shelter, the counselors helped me see that life really was worth fighting for.” Today, more young mothers in New Jersey are finding themselves short of making ends meet, unable to provide the necessities to support themselves and their children, and when they feel like nobody cares, that makes it all even harder. It is no wonder they fall into despair.


How We Helped One Young Homeless Mother & Her Children - Shelter for Mothers and ChildrenWith help from caring people like you, Jessica found her inner strength. “Eva’s helped me to understand how to overcome my problems. With their help, I was accepted into Hope Residence where I began my road to recovery and was able to get my children back with me. “Eva’s Village provides long-term inpatient recovery programs that makes it possible for mothers to parent their children while in supervised recovery. “Thanks to Eva’s, I have a life again.”



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  • In '08 when we opened Hope Residence for Mothers and Children, we provided a home and services for thirty mothers and seventy children.
  • Eva's Village is one of the state's most comprehensive non-profit social service organization dedicated to fighting homelessness and poverty and was recently awarded its 5th Consecutive 4-Star Rating (the higest rating) by CharityNavigator.com.
  • Your charitable dollars make all the difference to young mothers and children in need. Please donate generously today.


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