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By Joanne Fagan | Eva’s Village, Paterson New Jersey – Jul 3, 2011

Volunteer Today at Eva’s Village.

Scott Seider’s “Shelter: Where Harvard Meets the Homeless1 is a great contribution to a timely subject given the current economic hardships we are all going through.

Seider, a professor of education at Harvard, worked alongside Harvard students in the University Lutheran Church’s homeless shelter, a unique volunteer organization in that it is the only student-run homeless shelter in the United States. Seider’s book documents the impact of volunteering on an elite and privileged group through the lenses of such personality theorist as Erik Erikson & Albert Bandura.

In almost all cases, he found that the effect on these privileged youths has been profound in terms of their ability to empathize and better understand their own lives and good fortune.

The benefits of volunteering at any age and in almost any way has been confirmed in countless studies such as Volunteerism in the Young, and these benefits have been confirmed in the countless lives of those who give of themselves.

Eva’s Village Volunteer Programs for Both Individuals & Corporations

"We were all amazed about what takes place at Eva’s Village everyday"
"We were all amazed about what takes place at Eva’s Village everyday"

Eva’s village is not only one of the largest comprehensive social service organizations in New Jersey, we run one of the most active volunteer organizations in the state: we have an active individual volunteer program and a corporate volunteer program, called “Bond, Boost, & Build: Team-building opportunities for corporate volunteers.”

We offer these volunteer programs not only because it greatly assists us in our many charitable activities but also because corporate volunteer studies2, and our own experience, shows a wide range of benefits of volunteering such as an increased sense of well being, an increase in self-confidence, a decrease in personal depression, and stronger group bonding (one of the main benefits of our “Bond, Boost, & Build” volunteer program).

Numerous corporations have participated in our “Bond, Boost, & Build” opportunity for corporate volunteers program  including the Becton Dickinson and Company3, U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management4,  AstraZeneca5, NICE Systems, & Wells Fargo6, just to name a few. Here is what some of them had to say about their experience at Eva’s Village:

We were all amazed about what takes place at Eva’s Village everyday.

Working in the kitchen certainly raises employees’ awareness levels of socioeconomic issues, because Eva’s is not only serving the homeless during that hour — they’re also offering meals to the working poor.

It was truly a humbling experience which I will not forget. Your staff is top notch and more importantly very caring people.

© 2011, Eva’s Village – One of the Highest Rated Charities in the U.S.


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Volunteer at Eva’s Village!

  • Eva’s Village always welcomes volunteers for each of our main social service areas: Eva’s Kitchen, our emergency homeless shelter, and our addiction treatment and primary care facilities. Interested individuals should call or email Jennifer Doherty, Volunteer Coordinator, at 973.523.6220 ext. 248 or Jennifer DOT Doherty AT evasvillage DOT org or visit Eva’s Village Volunteer Page.
  • For company employees, volunteering as a group at Eva’s village is a rewarding team building & bonding experience. Companies interested in our corporate volunteer program, “Bond, Boost, & Build,” should contact our community relations coordinator, Cyndi Roberson at 973-523-6220 ext. 226, or email Cyndi DOT Roberson @ evasvillage dot org or visit Eva’s Village “Bond, Boost, & Build” page.


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