Corportate Sponsorships Help Eva’s Village Kitchen Meet The Challenge of Rising Food Costs


By Joanne Fagan | Eva’s Village, Paterson New Jersey – April 16, 2012

If you’ve gone grocery shopping lately, it’s probably not news to you that food stables now seem a little more expensive.  In fact – they’re a lot more expensive.

While the overall inflation rate (or CPI) over 2011 had been at an expected modest rate of about 2.9% (mostly due to rising gas prices)1, food costs rose at a rate of 3.9% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

(in March last year, 2011) prices for coffee, fruit, bacon, pasta and a slew of other food items registered gains over the past year as high as 40 percent2.

Not only has rising food prices hit the working poor the hardest, food banks that help feed the homeless and working poor are also feeling the pinch.  According to “Feeding America,” an organization that works with a nationwide network of food banks, over 49 million “at risk” Americans rely on food banks to supplement their nutritional needs.

[But] food inflation is also hitting food banks hard. Grocery prices increased an average rate of 6 percent in the last half of 2011, and food banks have been hard pressed to make up the difference3.

Eva’s Village Responds

To help meet the still increasing demand for food, Eva’s has added a new weapon to their arsenal in their fight against hunger called “Fund-A-Meal.”  Fund-A-Meal is a corporate sponsorship program designed to help feed the homeless, the hungry and the poor who use Eva’s Village’s services each day.


Schedule your Fund-A-Meal corporate sponsorship today
by calling
(973) 523-6220 ext. 226
or email

Several corporate sponsors have recently stepped up to help feed the homeless and working poor at Eva’s Village. These include Novartis, Inserra Supermarkets, a family-owned business operating 21 ShopRite stores throughout New York and New Jersey, and BAE Systems, a global defense and security company.

Fund-A-Meal corporate sponsorships
Fund-A-Meal corporate sponsorships

In return, Fund-A-Meal sponsors receive signage in Eva’s Kitchen, visibility on Eva’s social network sites, and an honorable mention in Eva’s quarterly “Voice of The Village” newsletter.

1. Gas prices, now averaging $3.92 a gallon, may have peaked. Gary Strauss, USA TODAY, 4/11/2012.
2. Gas Prices May Be Falling, But Food Keeps Going Up. Jeff Cox, Senior Writer, Thursday, 23 Jun 2011.
3. Food Banks Fear They Will Fall Short in Efforts to Feed the Nation’s Hungry. Ross Fraser, Feeding America, April 4, 2012.

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